Man is one of the most social mammalian creatures, who has always regarded good relations with the loved ones very important. Relations should always be kept warm, so one must continually invest in its own time and commitment. In today’s fast pace of life we will come and help you arrange for your loved one a memorable wedding trip, or a romantic drive, and even a sauna party at the sauna bus. We try to be flexible and read out your eyes all your needs.

The web address and name of Suhtesepp is used by Ilmandu Old Technology and Sauna Club. Our club’s goal is to enjoy life through the restoration of old technology, and of course, as typical Estonians, we like sauna. Currently we can use the old Volga car, minibus RAF “Puppy” and a rebuilt KAVZ bus as the club’s sauna . We have even put wheels under the bath tub, because you never know in advance when you want to enjoy the mood. In a waiting queue for restoration is also a motorcycle M-72. And of course, we do not have nothing against renting them out to others because of shared joy is double joy! You can book them here.

Suhtesepp is operating mainly in Tallinn and whereabouts. Please contact with us on phone:  5221616 or e-mail: or by the following form: 

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